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Do you ever evaluate your life and wonder if you are living life to the fullest? Most days I feel like there are so many more places to see and so much more to experience. If I live stagnant in the same place without the intention to move forward I may miss out on life’s beauty. There are so many things to soak in, to fill my soul and to live life fully.

I’m convinced we need to live life with intention or we will miss the daily beauty that surrounds us. What does living intentionally mean? And most important how do we do it? For me I am still learning how to take it all in but I do know a few steps that are helping me get there.

7 Steps to Living Intentionally

1. Ask yourself, “What sparks my soul? What makes me feel alive and happy?” From that question make decisions and chose how you will live. This is living intentionally. Do the things that make your soul smile. What makes your heart sing and your soul shine? Do those things! Simple as that. Live everyday doing something you love.

2. Be vulnerable. Are you holding back feelings and emotions that are trapped inside you? Do you wish to tell someone how you feel about them? Or maybe you want to say I’m sorry and offer forgiveness to another. Whatever it is open your heart and live vulnerable. Your soul, your heart is beautiful. It’s so scary to live with vulnerability but I have come to believe it is necessary. Necessary for us to feel raw emotion and live it out loud.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Live with the intent to shrug off the small stuff. Why get your panties in a wad over something that is not life altering? Don’t let little annoyances get the best of you. Your precious energy deserves to be used on something worthwhile.

4. Take adventures. Explore a new city, a new restaurant, a new park. Explore the world and seek the beauty that surrounds you. When our heart appreciates and explores the simple around us our mindset begins to change. Just as the simple saying goes, “Stop and smell the flowers.”

5. Love wholeheartedly. Open your heart to those around you that love you. Love them fully, spend time with them, show them your appreciation. Have an attitude of gratitude towards the relationships. When we love with our whole heart we have no room for regrets.

6. Be generous. When we share and care about others it is a natural way to live intentionally. Do you notice when you do something nice for another your heart sings? Spread peace and love wherever you go. Be a world changer and this could be the most powerful way to live intentionally.

7. What’s your vibe? Are you radiating with a high energy or do you have draining energy? Pay attention to your mindset when you walk in a room. Do you smile at strangers? Or do you immediately have a negative mindset? Pay attention to the vibe you are giving others. Our energy is powerful in how we live.


Amanda Rose

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