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Is anyone else as obsessed with New Year’s Eve as I am?  The anticipation of a new year, the feeling of a new beginning.  The week before the new year I become obsessed with goal setting, reflection over the last year, journaling and making badass intentions.  The beauty of this moment is really we can start a new beginning at any moment, any day, any place.  We have the conscious choice to make legendary decisions in the now.  It’s the choice we make when we decide to stop settling for mediocrity and play big.  We make the conscious choice to no longer dream small but we choose to dream wild and crazy dreams.  It’s when we surrender to faith in something bigger than ourselves that things beyond our wildest imagination happen.

What’s your choice going to be in this moment?

Here’s 5 steps to creating badass intentions and goals for 2017!

  1. Create your Vision.  Having a clear vision on what you want to accomplish is a must.  Take your vision and write it down.  Print out pictures that represent your vision and create a vision board.  I have copies of my vision board everywhere!  My screensaver on my phone is my vision board, my bathroom mirror has statements written in lipstick supporting my vision, my office wall is filled with goals and visions.  Surround yourself with what you want to accomplish and it will become such a part of your life that you will want to make it happen.
  2. Create a Success Attitude.  What are you saying to yourself everyday?  Do you think more negative self defeating thoughts than positive life giving thoughts? We have the power to change our thinking.  Our thinking determines are attitude.  Our attitude determines our level of success in relationships, life, health and business. We make the conscious choice everyday when we wake up to be grateful or hateful.  Before your feet even hit the floor think of 5 things you are grateful for.  It can be as small as the sun is shining, I have a warm bed to sleep in, or I have a job.  Start small if you struggle.  Sometimes we forget to be thankful for even the small things that actually make a huge difference.  I’ve had my share of struggles. One particular season I was struggling as a single mom and keeping food on the table.  I began to list 5 things a day that I was thankful for even though I felt like we didn’t have enough.  The list started as I’m thankful for the nature that surrounds me, I’m thankful for healthy vibrant children, I’m thankful that our belly’s remain full.  It changed my mindset to focus on the beauty and not the struggle.  That mindset kept me moving forward to accomplish my goals despite of my circumstances.
  3. Create a Badass Social Circle.  Have you heard the saying the 5 people you surround yourself with determines your future? Well it’s true!  If you still hang out with all the negative Nancy’s and people that rain on your parade don’t be surprised when you’re still stuck in defeat.  Consciously choose who you hang out with and who receives your energy.  Energy suckers are the worse kind of friends especially when you’re working towards a huge goal.  Network with other people working towards goals, who have big dreams and who already are where you want to be.
  4. Create your Plan.  Just wishing and hoping to accomplish your goals won’t equal success.  There has to be action behind your vision.  “For a dream comes through much activity.” Ecclesiastes 5:3.  Set the date you want to complete your goal and then work backwards on your calendar.  Include steps working up to your completion date that will move you completing that goal.  Most people set goals but don’t complete them because they don’t make a clear action plan and put that action into their calendar.  Your boss would expect you to get a project done by a certain day, do the same with your goals.
  5. Create habits.  This is one of my top intentions for 2017.  We can write and create goals all day but if we don’t turn goals into habits we miss the mark.  Success habits will determine if you become successful.  They need to become a part of you like second nature.  When we create healthy habits and practice those daily we set ourselves up for success.  We can set a goal to loose 20 lbs but if we are not implementing the habits into our daily life to make that happen we are setting ourselves up for failure.

I’d love to hear what goals and intentions you are setting for 2017.  Let’s make this a fabulous year!


Amanda Rose