Are you discouraged with dating?

Do you wonder where all the quality dates are hiding?

Are you ready to create a life of love and fulfillment?

Join my VIP Coaching Day!  This is a fun full day with me one-on-one to create a successful dating life and help you break through any barriers that are holding you back from experiencing love.  Learn the tricks of the trade & create the best dating life yet! This day is for serious minded individuals ready to find committed love.


VIP Day Coaching Itinerary - Full Day (8 hours)

~On your special VIP day you will receive actionable tips on how to create the best dating life.  Turn your fears and blocks into irresistible charm and amazing dates.

~Learn how to overcome any blocks that are keeping you from a successful dating life.  We will complete a full analysis to determine how to break negative dating barriers and replace them with positive change.

~Learn how to network, connect and find the best quality attractive dates wherever you are.

~Create a detailed goal and action plan to creating the best life full of love, success and happiness.

~We will create an online dating plan, create/edit your profile, learn how to navigate through the best matches, and learn effective online communication.

~Receive a Professional Photoshoot with our staff photographer! Our photographer will help you create high quality and engaging photos for your social media pages and online dating profile.  A fabulous first impression speaks volumes!

~Before your photoshoot receive a complete makeover with our top makeup and hair stylists. Our stylists will teach you how to accentuate your features to look your best.

~A personalized Image Consultation with our fashion stylist.  Our stylist will analyze your current wardrobe and help you create a fun, classy, date ready look.  The stylist will show you how to look and feel irresistible!

~Enjoy a lunch date with me! On our pretend date I will show you how to use positive body language, flirt, ask the BEST date questions and how to secure the second date.

~After your VIP Coaching Day receive 30 days of email support and 2 follow up coaching calls.