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Create a business and life you love!

Work from home or anywhere in the world!


In 2011, I decided to create my dream life.  I was going through a divorce and went from being a stay at home mom to a single mom overnight.  I had trouble finding a job so I had no income, I was about to loose my house, and I had no idea how I would provide for my 2 children.  I knew I had 2 choices:  #1 – I could let the divorce, financial struggles and stress destroy me. Or #2 – I could turn my mess into my message and create a dream life for me and my children.

I chose #2! I decided to take a simple little idea and create a dream business.

It wasn’t easy.  I spent many nights with just a couple hours of sleep learning how to build a website, create systems, network and make a business successful.  Success didn’t come overnight!  It was through the consistent persistence, never giving up, and the constant learning process that got me to where I am today.  I knew there was a better way and I was determined to find it.  I was determined to be at home with my children, to be at every one of their activities, and to not be stuck in a cubicle from 9 to 5 everyday. I was not giving up until it happened! That was my why!

What is your why?   Is it to travel the world?  Is it to stay at home with your children?

Is it to quit that dreaded 9 to 5?  Is it to create your dream business?

I said goodbye to that boring cubicle desk and 9 to 5 job. Now I have the freedom to work from home,  travel whenever we want, explore the world & the flexibility to make my own schedule.  Since summer break started at the end of May, I took my children on a dream vacation to Malibu and LA.  Something that has been on our vision board for years! We are now planning our next dream trip!  I’m also sending my children to 2 amazing camps and I’ve got to work by the pool with my kids more days than in the office.  This is the life I dreamed of for so long and it’s totally possible for you too!

I had all this business wisdom hidden inside of me and I felt like it was going to burst!  I needed to tell someone, I needed to share this wisdom, I needed to help others create a life beyond their wildest imagination.  People kept saying to me,  “How do you get to work from the pool everyday?” “How do you get to go on vacation whenever you want?”  “I wish I could take off from work to be with my kids this summer.”  And the list went on.

I built a business from literally nothing.  I started a social media page to network, I created a crappy website for $9.95 and from that I was determined to make it work! I developed over time and consistently got better and better.Now my company is recognized nationally.  I’ve been on national tv, in multiple national magazines and media,  I work with top producers, I got my children in major films and I know it’s only the beginning of an adventure beyond my wildest dreams.

Are you dreaming of working from home, starting your own business, having the flexibility to travel, have more time with your family, give back to the world?  What is holding you back?

Let’s take all those limiting beliefs and turn them into dreams!  Let’s take those dreams and turn them into reality!  I know you can do it.  If a girl from a small town that didn’t have a dime to her name with 2 small children can do it, you can too!  Dream big with me, create a life beyond your wildest dreams! Let’s get this thing started.  It’s possible if you just take that first step and don’t give up! Never give up on your dream!

I kept seeing all these “business” coaches that never even had a successful business before claiming they’ll help others create a business, make 6 figures and yada yada.  It was driving me nuts!  I want to hear from people in the trenches doing the work, creating businesses, making stuff happen.  So I knew I needed to share what I learned.  I knew I needed to help other women work from home with their kids, travel the world, go after their passions and create a life beyond their wildest dreams.  So I created a simple training that shows you how I run a national business from absolutely anywhere.