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Invoke Your Inner Badass

Invoke Your Inner Badass It’s Saturday and I’m feeling freaking full of gratitude, peace and love.  Yes all the hippie qualities that I’m wildly obsessed with.  I got invites to parties and bars this weekend but I’m so loving the party at my house.  I’m at home with my kids, I meditated and did a total goddess yoga flow, filling my body with pure raw foods and working on creative content for my business.  That’s what gets my energy juices flowing.  I would rather zen out then hit up the hottest party.  I would rather explore and travel than spend my time at a club.  I feel like I have reached my inner badass and I’m so in love with her.  If you’re inner badass is party hopping then rock on sister.  That’s just not me anymore.  But don’t get me wrong I love a good glam party once in a while just not the club hopping type. I spent 30 plus years trying to uncover and figure out my inner truth and authenticity.  I was afraid that if I let all that out I would be rejected and ridiculed.  Which is right, I was rejected and ridiculed by some when I started speaking my truth. In that process a funny thing happened.  The yucky vibers,  the people that held me back from experiencing my greatness, the toxic relationships and everything in between started dropping out of my life.  I lost  friends and family members during that time.  But those people were not my people. As I reflect on my life and the people I’m surrounded with today intense... read more

Love Meditations XO

Love Meditations I’m so excited to announce a new section on our website!  I’ve created a Love Meditation section just for you! Meditation has made such a difference in my life and the life of others.  I highly believe in this practice.  Your thoughts shape your life.  When you start to change your limiting beliefs and replace them with positive life giving thoughts miracles begin to happen!  Meditation has become a part of my daily morning routine.  I encourage you to try it out and check out the free meditations I’ve created.  More will be posted soon so make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to get all the latest updates and freebies I send out!  Check out the first meditation below! Future meditations can be found HERE. Love ya’ll!  XO Amanda... read more

Dream Big Darling

“The ones that are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.”   I was always the one that dreamed big.  As a little girl growing up in pretty much poverty I would dream of beautiful homes in California.  I would dream of becoming a famous entertainer and singer even though I can’t hold a tune for the life of me.  I dreamed of a fancy life with fancy clothes and cars.  I knew deep down in my heart there was more to what I was experiencing.  I kept those dreams alive throughout my childhood and adulthood.  I knew there was a way to accomplish everything I dreamed of  I just didn’t know how.  I knew deep down that one of the surest ways was to become my own boss where I could control my income.  So after a nasty divorce I was led to start a dating consultancy.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be a matchmaker.  It continued to line up and the opportunity fell in my lap. Don’t get me wrong though, there was a lot of failures and tears behind creating a business.  Every tear and failure has been worth it to create something beyond my wildest dreams.     Entrepreneurship has been a journey.  It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made and it excites the pants off me!  I love creating, coming up with new ideas to expand and reach my dreams.  One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that when you dream big you get lots of opposition!  People will... read more

A Box of Goodness with FabFitFun

I have a special gift for all my girls!  Oh my goodness have you tried the FabFitFun Box? They just rolled out their limited-edition Editor’s Box for all of their new customers! There are tons of amazing useful products in this box. One of my favorites is the ModCloth Blanket Scarf (so many ways to style this!)  Plus there’s tons of goodies in each box that are PERFECT to prep for a date night! Why should Christmas only come once a year?  Treat yo’self every season with a FabFitFun Box full of goodies with FULL size products! Feel pampered, special and amazing with a gift box full of the latest and some of the best products every season. And the best part…I’ve partnered with FabFitFun to bring you a special discount! Use COZY at the link below for $10 off your first box! JOIN TODAY to take advantage of this special discount on over $200 worth of products! CLICK... read more

Glitter, Champagne & Goals

Is anyone else as obsessed with New Year’s Eve as I am?  The anticipation of a new year, the feeling of a new beginning.  The week before the new year I become obsessed with goal setting, reflection over the last year, journaling and making badass intentions.  The beauty of this moment is really we can start a new beginning at any moment, any day, any place.  We have the conscious choice to make legendary decisions in the now.  It’s the choice we make when we decide to stop settling for mediocrity and play big.  We make the conscious choice to no longer dream small but we choose to dream wild and crazy dreams.  It’s when we surrender to faith in something bigger than ourselves that things beyond our wildest imagination happen. What’s your choice going to be in this moment? Here’s 5 steps to creating badass intentions and goals for 2017! Create your Vision.  Having a clear vision on what you want to accomplish is a must.  Take your vision and write it down.  Print out pictures that represent your vision and create a vision board.  I have copies of my vision board everywhere!  My screensaver on my phone is my vision board, my bathroom mirror has statements written in lipstick supporting my vision, my office wall is filled with goals and visions.  Surround yourself with what you want to accomplish and it will become such a part of your life that you will want to make it happen. Create a Success Attitude.  What are you saying to yourself everyday?  Do you think more negative self defeating thoughts than... read more

Start a Conversation with Your Child #TalktoME

The Huffington Post launched a movement that encourages authentic conversations between you and your child. I had the honor of sitting down to be interviewed by my 12-year-old son. This interview was the most meaningful interview I have ever done. I encourage you to make your own #talktome conversation with your children. As we spark connections with those we love we can spread more love through the world. See the the original interview here.... read more